Connecting People to Services

Additional Addiction Resources

Chris Herren Project

  • Positively impact the lives of those suffering with addiction by providing effective treatment navigation.

  • Educate youth and at-risk populations on the importance of a healthy lifestyle and provide techniques to handle pressure within their lives, their community or their family situation.

  • Provide scholarships to programs, clinics and camps to increase self confidence, motivation and develop a firm foundation on which to build success.


Recovery Without Walls

  • Recovery Without Walls offers structure, safety, support and stability to women living on Cape Cod following treatment for substance dependency. Our services are free of charge.


Wicked Sober

  • provides support, intervention services, social activities and access to resources to help addicts and alcoholics be successful in recovery.  1-855-698-5056


Sober Nation

  • Sober Nation is a national information resource database that provides numerous recovery resources online as well as links to addiction treatment centers and directories. We assist recovering or struggling alcoholics and addicts and offer guidance to affected family members and friends, providing an online home with innovative recovery resource tools as well as a community of support.


Shining Strong, Inc.

  • An all-volunteer, non-profit corporation with a mission to help women who are suffering from addiction, are struggling in early sobriety, or are sober and want resources to stay that way.  We are passionate about breaking down the stigma of addiction that keeps so many people stuck and alone, but ALSO celebrating the more than 23 million Americans who are currently living in long term recovery.  We do this primarily through written submissions, and spoken word (through our podcast and internet talk show).


Debtors Anonymous – (phone/online meetings)

Gamblers Anonymous – (phone/online meetings)

Overeaters Anonymous – (phone/online meetings)

Food Addicts Anonymous – (phone/online meetings)

Sex Anonymous – (phone/online meetings)