Connecting People to Services

Commission Work

The Falmouth Substance Abuse Commission meetings are public and you are welcome to join us on the 4th Thursday of the month from 5:30 to 7 pm in Room 2 of the Gus Canty Recreation Center.  Occasionally meeting times are changed to accommodate a holiday or a guest speaker.  Meeting times and agendas are posted with the Town Clerk’s office. 

FY17 Commission Projects:

 Initiative I

In fiscal year 2017, the Falmouth Substance Abuse Commission revised its listing of sober houses (certified and un-certified) on the Upper Cape.  This list may be obtained in the Community Resources database under “sober living options”.  


Initiative II

The Falmouth Substance Abuse Commission is developing a series of talk shows to be delivered on the FCTV channel.  The following topics are being considered for show topics:

  1. The New Marijuana Law
  2. What is addiction/Signs of addiction
  3. Effects of addiction on young people
  4. Recovery from addiction
  5. Costs of addiction
  6. Prescription drug and alcohol addiction
  7. Overdose Prevention


Initiative III

The Commission is co-sponsoring the Celebrations 2017 After Prom Party for high school juniors and seniors.  This project has been organized and delivered by Together We Can for over 22 years.


Initiative IV

The Substance Abuse Commission is partnering with the Falmouth Public Schools to co-sponsor a drug education and awareness program featuring an interactive exhibit called, “Hidden In Plain Sight”.  This exhibit encourages parents and guardians to explore a display designed to resemble a teenager’s bedroom.  Throughout the exhibit are items that may indicate that a teenager may be involved in some high-risk behavior, such as substance abuse, underage drinking, eating disorders, sexual activity, and other dangers.

This program will be held at the Sea Crest Hotel on April 2nd from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.