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Outpatient Counseling

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Outpatient counseling, or psychotherapy, is a specialized service to assist people with problems that affect their thinking, mood, behavior, or general sense of well being.  Counseling sessions are usually centered on resolving a particular problem that the individual has identified in their life.  Sessions are usually weekly and the length of treatment can vary depending on the problem in question.

Substance abuse services are a subset of mental health services and many mental health providers provide services and counseling for multiple diagnosis.

Counseling, or therapy, can be done individually, in groups, or with a partner or other family members depending on the concern in question.  Sometimes psychotropic medications (those that help with mood or behaviors) can be useful in addition to counseling.  Medication alone is not usually as effective as combining them with some form of therapeutic counseling.

Counselors or therapists have many differing educational degrees and licenses.

  • MD – Psychiatrist – can prescribe medications
  • PhD – Psychologist – formal testing
  • NP – nurse practitioner – can prescribe medications
  • LICSW – Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, Masters level counselor/therapist
  • LMHC – Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Masters level counselor/therapist
  • LCSW – Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Masters level counselor/therapist
  • LMFT – Licensed Marriage and Family therapist
  • CAS – Certified Addiction Specialist

It is suggested that you inquire as to the experience of a potential provider regarding the specific services you need or desire.