Connecting People to Services

Health Insurance – How it works

Most health insurances have an annual deductible for outpatient mental health and substance abuse services as well as a co-pay for each session that is your responsibility.  The amount of these deductibles and co-pays are different for each insurance company and each plan.  In addition, a doctor, counselor or therapist in your community must be pre-approved by your insurance company in order for the insurance to pay for the counseling services.

Therefore, it is important for you to check with your insurance company to determine how your plan works and to get a list of doctors, counselors or therapists in your area who work with your insurance plan.  There is usually an 800 number on the back of your insurance card for member services.

Falmouth Human Services also maintains a list of local counselors and therapists, the type of insurances they accept, and the type of work they most often do. This information is updated annually and can be located by clicking here. Or you can call us at 508-548-0533 for information or help getting connected.

If you are a Falmouth resident and do not have health insurance, or you find that you cannot afford the co-pays for your insurance, contact Falmouth Human Services for counseling services at no charge.