Connecting People to Services

Crisis Intervention/Services

Emergency Crisis Services are available at the Emergency Rooms of both local hospitals:

  • Falmouth Hospital – Dial 911 or go to 100 Ter Heun Drive, Falmouth
  • Cape Cod Hospital – Dial 911 or go to 27 Park Street, Hyannis

Cape Cod and Island Emergency Services Program 1-833-229-2683

Bay Cove Human Services operates the Cape Cod Emergency Services Program, serving communities throughout Cape Cod and the Islands.  Each of these programs provides 24/7 mental health crisis intervention to individuals of all ages in the community, in hospital emergency departments and in schools. 

Working with family members, human services providers, public safety and emergency personnel and school administrators, our Mobil Crisis Teams respond directly to the site of a mental health crisis situation.  After an initial evaluation, the responding clinician will identify and refer individuals to the most appropriate level of service.  Referrals for service may include adding additional supports in a person’s home, inpatient treatment, day treatment programs, addiction support services, or short-term inpatient diversion programs such as Community Crisis Stabilization.  

Urgent Care Center

The mobile services provided by Crisis Teams are dispatched from Bay Cove’s Urgent Care Centers (UCCs).  These walk-in  clinics serve both children and adults in mental health crisis, offering crisis evaluations that do not require the ype of medical supports found in a hospital Emergency Department.

While walk-ins are avilable to anyone in need of services, it is recommened (if possible) calling the UCC prior to arrival, in order to provide information critical to performing a clinical assessment.

Cape Cod UCC:


270 Communication Way, Hyannis


Monday – Friday, 7am – 11pm

Saturday – Sunday, 8am – 7pm


833-229-2683 (24/7) or 508-815-5373 (office)

Community Crisis Stabilization 

The CSS is a voluntary three- to five-day program for adults (18 years of age and older) who are in acute behavioral health crisis, and is considered a diversion from inpatient treatment.  The CCS’s goal is to stabilize individuals, strengthen their coping resources and supports, and develop a plan to promote long-term recovery.

The CCS provides a safe and stable environment where an individual can recover from the mental health crisis while receiving emergency medication adjustments and education about behavioral helath concerns.  Upon discharge, the individual has a comprehensive aftercar plan that spells out upcoming appointments whith mental health practitioners, a self-care plan and community resources the individual can draw upon to support his/her long-term recovery.  Office contact: 508-790-4094.

Respite Program

Respite programs are short-term treatment programs, intended to provide a period os support and stability to people going through transitions.  Services offered at the respite program may include some combination of the following: medication support; peer-to-peer support; care coordination and referrals to psychiatric and addiction services, oupatient treatment, health care, social services, and other treatment providers.

Our programs are designed to work with persons served to identify resources and actions that need to be taken in order to help them return to participating in community-based mental health services, or to help bridge a change in a person’s living situation or life circumstances.  We pride ourselve3s on providing a caring, compassionate service, with the aim of facilitating emotional growth during a time of uncertainty.

Bay Cove operates a DMH Metro Boston respite program at 85 East Newton Street, Boston at Boston Medical Center, 800-981-4357 and also partner with Commonwealth Care Alliance to operate the following two respite locations: 747 Cambridge Street, Brighton 844-207-8901 and Carney Hospital, 2100 Dorchester Ave., Dorchester 855-9791412.

To learn more about Bay Cove Human Services visit them at: