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Community Human Service Needs Funding

NOTE: Scroll to end for FY2021 Request for Proposal Application and Appendices (due February 28, 2020)

The Falmouth Human Services Committee has been working for more than a three-year to alter its process for the distribution of human services related funding.  In order to ensure that the town’s current needs and trends are being addressed in the most effective manner, the Human Services Committee has conducted a year-long strategic review of current human service related needs (Falmouth Community Human Services Needs assessment.2016) and identified 5 key areas of unmet needs in our community.

  • Homeless PreventionMany Falmouth residents are “housing cost burdened”, meaning they spend more than 30% of the household income on housing costs. This results in instability for household members, frequent housing transitions and episodes of homelessness for some.
  • Outmigration of Working Age Adults From 2000 – 2010, there has been a 26% decline in Barnstable County residents age 25 – 44 representing a net loss of nearly 15,000 young working age adults over a single decade. This trend creates an imbalance in the fabric of the community that could threaten the region’s economy and its diverse and dynamic culture.
  •  Mental HealthDepression and anxiety among adults and children are of concern as evidenced by high rates of suicide and alcohol abuse in adults, and increasing numbers of children needing services. The stigma of mental illness, the shortage of psychiatric providers, and the lack of integration with primary care are key factors that hinder access to mental health care in Falmouth and on the Cape.
  • Substance AbuseThe abuse of legal and illegal drugs is an area of concern for residents of Barnstable County. Alcohol abuse remains an endemic problem in our community.  Prescription medication (opiate) dependence is on the rise, as well as the abuse of heroin and marijuana.  Overdose and death rates are increasing at alarming rates with devastating impacts on families and our community.  Numerous challenges include limited availability of detox and treatment options, limited detection of substance abuse in the primary care setting, difficulty navigating existing services, and the increased use of marijuana.
  • Other Support ServicesAdditional challenges remain in our community that have an impact on the quality of life of Falmouth residents. Some examples include: affordable legal consultation and advocacy, domestic violence prevention, public transportation, racial and ethnic diversity and equality, isolation of elders, vulnerability of young adults age 15 – 24; systemic underemployment, and living wages.

As a result of these findings, the Human Services Committee proposes to consolidate the human service funds for the Town of Falmouth to address these 5 identified areas of unmet needs in our community.  The Committee will utilize a 3-year, cyclical, competitive, Request for Proposals process to solicit applications from non-profit entities and/or partnerships to address these needs. Each year in the 3 year cycle, a competitive RFP will be released for the purpose of addressing 1 or 2 of those identified areas of need.

In FY 2019, The Human Services Committee has been recommended $20,000 for each of the following need areas:

  1. Mental Health needs
  2. Substance Use needs

The contracts resulting from this Request for Proposals shall cover the fiscal year 2019 (July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019) with the potential for renewal for up to 2 additional years if deliverables and benchmarks are achieved and funds are appropriated by town meeting in the next fiscal year’s operating budget.  To follow are the Proposals and needed forms:

FY2019 Funding:

The agencies/non-profit organizations that were awarded Human Services funds from the Town of Falmouth for FY 2019 (July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019) are:

  • Substance Use – WellStrong $20,000 (Renewed for FY20)
  • South Coastal Counties Legal Services $4,800
  • Cape Abilities $3,700
  • Sight Loss Services $1,500
  • Substance Abuse Commission $5,000 (Renewed for FY20)
  • Mental Health – Falmouth Public Schools/McLean $20,000 (Renewed for FY20)
  • Homeless Prevention – Housing Assistance Corp. $20,000 (Renewed for FY20)
  • Outmigration of Working Age Adults – Cape Cod Young Professionals $14,000 (Renewed for FY20)
  • Outmigration of Working Age Adults – Falmouth Service Center $6,000 (Renewed for FY20)

FY2020 Funding:

The Town seeks Request for Interest from interested public or private, state and federally recognized non-profit organizations, agencies, or partnerships to provide projects, programs and services that support vulnerable citizens and address unmet human service needs for the Town.  The Town will award one contract totaling $9,500 in FY2020 (July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020).

Applications must describe the unmet human service need for which town funding is being sought and provide relevant and supporting data that documents the need. (Projects, programs, and services that address unmet needs in the categories of mental health, substance use, homelessness prevention, and outmigration of working adults will not be considered for funding due to previously awarded contracts in those categories.)

The Town of Falmouth promotes quality projects, programs and services that provide a safety net for vulnerable citizens and that address human service needs of its residents and enhance the community at large.  The primary intent of this funding is to provide seed money to stimulate the development of new initiates, projects and programs that are not currently being offered in the community.  Secondarily, applications will be considered for funding used to enhance or grow existing programs and services that are unable to meet the community’s current need; if the application demonstrates that the town funding will enable the organization to achieve outcomes that would’t otherwise be achieved.

The Alzheimer’s Family Support Center of Cape Cod was awarded $9,500 for bringing support groups and consultations and referrals to Falmouth.

Request for Proposals for FY2021:

The Town of Falmouth, through the Human Services Department, announces two Requests for Proposals for Fiscal Year 2021.  The Town of Falmouth promotes quality projects, programs and services that provide a safety net for vulnerable citizens and address identfied human service needs of its residents.  To that end, the Town of Falmou7th has continued to identified Homelessness Prevention and Outmigration of working age adults as areas of need, and proposals are requested from non-profit agencies and partnerships to deliver projects or programs that address these areas of need.

The Falmouth Town Manager’s proposed budget for FY2021 includes $20,000 to address homelessness prevention for Falmouth residents and $20,000 to address the outmigration of working age adults from the Town of Falmouth.  Subject to Town Meeting appropriation, the Town will execute one contract with the Organization/Proposal selected to prevent homelessness in Falmouth and one contract with the Organization to reduce the outmigration of working age adults.

To follow are the full Request for Proposals:

FY21 RFP.Homelessness Prevention


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