Connecting People to Services

Strategic Plan

Department Mission

Town of Falmouth Human Services Department’s mission is to support and empower Falmouth residents and strengthen the community as a whole through advocacy, broad community participation and by ensuring access to a comprehensive range of health and human services.

Department Description

The department is staffed with licensed, master’s level therapists who provide a variety of professional services and activities that promote the health and well-being of residents and the community at large.  Activities include:

  • Professional mental health, therapeutic counseling, groups, case management and advocacy services to any resident or town employee who is unable to access mental health care in the private sector
  • Clinical consultation and outreach services to town departments, schools, human services agencies, community organizations and residents
  • Comprehensive assessment, triage, information and referral
  • Broad participation in a variety of community projects to advance effectiveness of programs and services
  • Conduct community hman services related needs assessment and implement an annual, competitive Request for Proposals process to address those needs
  • Liaison to the Falmouth Human Services Committee and the Falmouth Substance Abuse Commission

Department Goals & Performance Measures

  • To ensure that all Falmouth residents and town employees have ready access to comprehensive assesssment and therapeutic mental health and/or substance abuse services to enable optimal functioning in their daily lives.
  • To enhance communication and promote collaboration amoung town departments, schools, human service agencies, and community organizations to address resident needs
  • To identify changing and/or unmet human service related needs of residents and the community and promote the development of new initiatives, programs or services to address those needs
  • To ensure that all residents have access to community resource information, referral and advocacy services to assist them in their daily lives.
  • To collaborate with and support the work of the Falmouth Human Services Committee and the Falmouth Substance Abuse Commission.