Connecting People to Services

Strategic Plan

Town of Falmouth Human Services Department’s mission is to support and empower Falmouth residents and strengthen the community as a whole by ensuring access to a comprehensive range of community-based health and human services.




Info/Triage/Referral Program

Description:  The department serves as the centralized place for information about human services and resources in the Falmouth or Cape Cod area.  The department maintains a resource database of over 2000 community agencies and services.  Residents can access this information via website, by phone or in person.  Department staff provides phone triage, comprehensive needs assessment, referral to appropriate services, and advocacy.

Program Goal:  To ensure that all residents have access to comprehensive assessment of their needs, community resource information, referral and advocacy services to assist them in their daily lives.

 FY 18 Performance Measures: 

1. Develop and implement a print feature for the resources database on the Falmouth Human Services website.
2. Develop a regular “Human Services Corner” in the Falmouth Enterprise

Clinical Counseling Program

Description:  The department is staffed with master’s level clinical social workers who provide mental health and substance abuse counseling to any Falmouth resident or town employee who has no health insurance, is unable to afford their deductible and co-pays, or is unable to access mental health care in the private sector in a timely manner.  Counseling services are provided to individuals, families, adolescents and elders.  Support and psycho-educational groups are scheduled periodically.  Advocacy and case management services are provided to any Falmouth resident who may need assistance obtaining community services.

Program Goal:  To ensure that all Falmouth residents and town employees have ready access to professional mental health and substance abuse assessment, counseling, groups and case management services to enable optimal functioning in their daily lives.

FY18 Performance Measures:                                                                               

1. The mental health needs of all Falmouth residents will be assessed within 1 week of request for service.
2.Revise the process for measuring client satisfaction utlizing surveys at time of discharge.

 Consultation & Outreach Program

Description:  Human Services staff provide on-site consultation and outreach services to residents, staff from other departments, teachers, etc. upon request.  On site consultations are available to the following entities:

  • Falmouth Public Schools
  • Falmouth Senior Center
  • VIPS
  • Falmouth Housing Authority
  • Falmouth Police Department
  • Falmouth Public Library
  • Falmouth Service Center
  • Falmouth Hoarding Task Force

Program Goal:  To provide technical assistance or clinical consultation to town departments, schools, human service agencies, community organizations and residents.

FY18 Performance Measures:   

1.  Develop a biweekly Coffee House Outreach Project, in collaboration with VINFEN and First Congregational Church, to assess the needs of individuals at risk of homelessness and connect them to services and resources.
2. Assessment services provided at all public schools within 72 hours upon request.                                                                                                                                                                                               3. Outreach and consultation services, in collaboration with Falmouth Police Department, provided to those residents who have utilized police services in the last 60 days for mental health reasons.

Human Services Related Funding

Description:   The department staff facilitates the work of the Falmouth Human Services Committee and the Falmouth Substance Abuse Commission.

The department facilitates the work of the Falmouth Human Services Committee by:

  • Assisting with a needs assessment to identify and prioritize unmet human services needs in Falmouth.
  • Developing and managing a competitive RFP process to award town funds to non-profit agencies, organizations and partnerships to address the identified unmet needs.
  • Managing the contracting process for the town’s human services related funding
  • Facilitating and maintaining records of the Human Services Committee meetings and serve as liaison with town hall

The department facilitates the work of the Falmouth Substance Abuse Commission by:

  • Managing budget and expenditures of the Commission
  • Facilitating and maintaining records of the Substance Abuse Commission meetings
  • Providing technical and best practices support
  • Serving as a liaison with town hall

Program Goals:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       1.  To facilitate the development of resources and services in Falmouth to address identified unmet human services related needs in our community                                                                         2. To encourage town commissions and boards to utilize best practices and data driven strategies.

FY18 Performance Measures:  

 1.  Award contracts and monitor progress of non-profit agencies, organizations or partnership to address Homeless Prevention and the Out-migration of working age adults from Falmouth.
2. Facilitate a competitive RFP process to solicit proposals from the community to address Mental health and Substance Abuse concerns in Falmouth.

Community Development Program

Description:  The department staff provides leadership and technical assistance to a number of community projects aimed at developing community resources or improving efficiencies and collaboration of existing services.  The projects change according to the needs of the community and at the start of FY2017 include:  Falmouth Service Center Board of Directors, Community Network of Cape Cod, Mass Municipal Association Human Services Council, Barnstable County Human Services Advisory Council, Cape Cod Healthcare Community Benefits Committee, Coalition for Children, Suicide Prevention Coalition of Cape Cod, Substance Abuse and Pregnancy Committee, Barn. County Regional Substance Abuse Council, and the Falmouth Multi-disciplinary Hoarding Task Force.

Program Goals:  To provide assistance to and promote collaboration among town departments, human service agencies and community and regional organizations to enhance and expand the efficiency and effectiveness of services to residents.  To advocate for and provide leadership in the development of community resources for the purpose of meeting identified human needs.

FY 18 Performance Measures:  

  1. Explore the potential consolidation of the Falmouth Opiate Coalition and the Falmouth Substance Abuse Commission to more effectively utilize human and fiscal resources.
  2. Partner with the Sheriff’s Department to expand reentry services for Falmouth residents.

 Graduate Student Internship Program

Description:  Each year the department provides a clinical internship to a master’s level graduate student from an accredited social work school.   The graduate student provides services to the department for 2-3 days a week under the direct supervision of the clinical staff, the director and the school.

Program Goals:  To expand the availability of clinical services, to ensure efficient fiscal management by identifying and taking advantage of alternative resources to supplement the budget, and to promote professional development opportunities for young adults on the Cape.

 FY18 Performance Measurement: 

  1. An advanced clinical internship in collaboration with an accredited School of Social Work will be completed by May 2018.