Connecting People to Services

Counseling Policies & Procedures

GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT OUR COUNSELING SERVICES:  If at any time you have questions about our services, policies, or procedures, please call our office.

Who We Serve:

Our clinical services are available to all Falmouth residents (age 11 and over) with priority given to those without health insurance, without ability to pay co-pays or deductibles or those unable to connect to private clinicians utilizing their health insurance.  Counseling services can include individuals, couples, families or groups.

Services are FREE:

All services provided at Falmouth Human Services are FREE of charge.  You will not receive a bill and your insurance company will not be notified or billed.

Medication Management:

Falmouth Human Services does not provide prescriptions for psychiatric medications.  However, in the course of your treatment, you and your social worker may determine that an assessment for medication may be helpful to you.  In these circumstances, your clinician will help you locate a prescribing doctor, psychiatrist or nurse practitioner and communicate regularly with them to ensure that the medications you are taking are effective for you.


According to state and federal laws, all discussions between a client and therapist, as well as all of your personal information, are strictly confidential.  You have the right to specify how you would like to be contacted by our agency (phone, mail, voice mail, etc.) in order to ensure your confidentiality.  The social workers and staff at Falmouth Human Services are committed to protecting the privacy of your identity and personal information.  Therefore, your specific written permission is needed for Falmouth Human Services to release any information to another individual or agency (including a family member or doctor).  There are some exceptions to this rule, such as if you pose a threat to yourself or someone else or if a child, an elderly or disabled person is being harmed in some way.  Click here for full confidentiality policy.

Medical Records:

Our social workers maintain a clinical medical record of your counseling sessions as required by law.  You may obtain a copy of your records, unless contra-indicated, by making a written request to your clinician or the director.  Clinical records are maintained for 10 years from the last date of service.  After 10 years all clinical medical records are shredded.  


To schedule an Initial Needs Assessment appointment, call our office at 508-548-0533.  After business hours, leave a message on extension 10 requesting an Initial Needs Assessment appointment including your name and phone number and you will receive a return call on the next business day.  Because our services are free of charge, there is often a short waiting list to receive services. Please note if you have a mental health emergency, dial 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency room for assistance or utilize the crisis hotline numbers.  Click here for a list of crisis hotline numbers.

An Initial Needs Assessment appointment will be made for you at the next available opening.    Please arrive 10 minutes early for this appointment to complete some paperwork.  You will meet with a social worker for 45-60 minutes to discuss your needs.  The following week you will be assigned a clinician who will contact you to set up regular appointments.

Once you have been assigned a social worker all scheduling and changes to appointment times should be made directly between you and your social worker.

Cancellation Policies:

Cancellations should be made at least 24 hours in advance of the appointment time (phone messages are acceptable).  Chronic cancellations and missed appointments may result in the termination of counseling services.